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Stay connected with OnCampus™!

The AVAI OnCampus™ Application Suite is available for multilevel education institutions nationwide, including: Universities, Colleges, and k-12 institutions (private, charter & public).

As classrooms across the country are already using mobile technology to enhance learning objectives and increase student participation, consider the advantage of networking an entire institution through a mobile platform.

OnCampus™ delivers a comprehensive security and productivity solution that automates information, communication, and control across multiple campus systems. It is the ideal platform for integrating back-end systems and managing critical data, while delivering a easily navigable front-end user experience.

OnCampus Mobile™— End user application for personal control over access to general campus information, news, events, course info as well as features for personal safety, providing additional information to administration, security officials and first responders when needed.

OnCampus Director™ — Administrative application that enables mobile ability to track assets and send mass notifications as needed. Critical when logging into the web client is not an option!

OnCampus Responder™ — Mobile computing application for first responders, giving them all up-to-the-minute location, facilities and threat-level information when time and accuracy for decision-making is critical!

Benefits of the OnCampus™ Application Suite include:

For the Users:

  • Convergence: The OnCampus™ platform provide a place for all campus interaction to be provided in one application – LMS, Library, Registration, etc.
  • Current Campus Info: Events, maps, etc.
  • Social Media Integration: share things with friends.
  • Surveys and Campus Tipper: A means to provide direct input to campus administration.
  • Friend Finder: Share your location with friends AND see where they are as well.
  • Greater control: Campus users have more control of their own personal safety and movements about campus.
  • Community watch: Like neighbors looking out for neighbors, students and other campus users realize the benefits of a community environment.
  • Situational awareness: Information from multiple sources, including existing security cameras and mobile video, transportation schedules, location-based tracking, first responders, intrusion detection and access control systems and campus communications, combine for improved situational awareness.

For the Directors and First Responders:

  • BRANDED Application: OnCampus™ will be branded with your insitution’s logo and color scheme.
  • Distributed Content Management: CMS systems allows creation and editing of content by designated users.
  • Cached Content: Most features will work even when the connection drops. Competitive solutions require a connection.
  • Proven Scalable Cloud SaaS: Allows you to start implementing TODAY and focus on the application instead of the infrastructure needed.
  • Revenue Stream: If desired, sponsors can be added to the interface to not only pay for the system but create a much needed revenue stream in these difficult times.
  • Push Notifications: Reach users instantly with critical messages AND automatically drive them to the application content you want them to consume.
  • Asset tracking: Use OnCampus™’s mapping features to track critical assets; e.g. facilities maintenance vehicles, patrol cars, and the people who operate them.
  • Better response: Security officials and campus administration have more information to make better decisions for quicker response.
  • Crime and threat prevention: Proactive communications and real-time information help prevent criminal events rather than only assisting in post-event investigation.
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Seamless Automation and Control Across All Campus Information Sources

AVAI works with the technology partners you already know to ensure seamless integration with existing data and systems.

By automating the distribution of student data, video, communication streams and online data feeds from both devices and data stores, AVAI can deliver a more complete picture to security personnel and ensure that all information is available to first responders.

By delivering on-demand GPS data with existing student life information, AVAI helps all those on campus become more productive and efficient.

AVAI can also work with campus leaders to develop custom applications based on existing data and systems across human resources, security, environmental, communications and financial systems.


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